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  • Session 1-1


    After a routine witch burning the town of Torchbridge has settled in for an afternoon of drinking at the tavern.


    • Erakos and Lugrub Met a drunken well-armed …

  • Old Mister Oak

    h1. Old Mister Oak encountered The party on their journey through the Vaskan Forest. It assisted with crossing a Quipper infested river at the request of a Druid named Firos. It allowed itself to be used as a bridge and was healed of its wounds …

  • Firos

    Firos was originally from a small village on the northern edge of the Vaskan forest. He had to flee into the forest once it became clear that he was developing magical powers. He encountered the party on their hunting journey in the forest. He and his …

  • Cyrill the Seer

    Cyrill is the lone survivor of the Vaskan Forest's witch coven. She's an old hag who's been around long enough to remember what it was like before the kingdom took on such an anti magic attitude. She lives in a small clay and thatched hut in a clearing in …

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