"Low Magic"

Session 1-1
More magic than expected!


After a routine witch burning the town of Torchbridge has settled in for an afternoon of drinking at the tavern.


  • Erakos and Lugrub Met a drunken well-armed hunter named Aero who tells the pair that He would pay Lugrub in gold to stop playing his rocks. He claims he is about to claim a bounty for a rare male harpy named Harold the Harpy. The existence of Harold is dubious at best.
  • The Tavern keeper confirms that Father Mornwall has been setting bounties for magic users in the area
  • Ander the monk has also come to the tavern knowing that the tavern keeper might know who is supplying paying work.
  • A small hunting party comprised of Travo, Ander, Extos, Erakos and Lugrub Leave for the chapel. They are trailed by the quiet urchin Dierro and his pet mouse.

Outside the Chapel

  • Aero collects his bounty from Father Mornwall and gives a portion of it to Lugrub as promised.
  • After the group expressed their interest in going bounty hunting the priest gives the group a crude map and tells them where they might find Cyrill the Seer. The witch lives in the Vaskan forest, but it’s not certain where exactly.

East Torchbridge Pastures

  • The group encounters a manure Shoveling peasant. He tells them that something has been killing his sheep and cattle at the forest’s edge. He says it’s probably the witch because the wounds are unnatural and don’t look like they were made from wildlife. He says he sees many people entering the forest but not many coming back out.
  • Lugrub assists the man with some shit shoveling then borrows a rotted shovel from the peasant.

Vaskan Forest

Eastern Forest Trail

  • Ravens are spotted, The group gets the feeling that they are being watched
  • Leading the way Ander encounters, and is harassed by an awakened tree and its shrub friends during the fight Extos reveals himself by burning the tree in a fiery bolt of magic. The tree has no chance to defend itself and bursts violently into flames.
  • The group decides to remain civil with each other despite a magic user being one of their number.
  • Shortly after the fight with the tree, the small roguish follower is spotted. He tries to run but Lugrub hits the rogue with his rotted shovel to stop him from running off. They ask him if he would like to become part of their group. Dierro is hesitant about this but he decides to stay put for now.

Camp in the Clearing

  • The group finds a small clearing in the wood where they can set up camp. They take turn on watch. They are quick to notice some benign ravens that watch them from the shadows and over the course of the night they glimpse something else watching them as well.
  • Near the morning they catch Firos while he is trying to steal from a sleeping member of the group. Ander punches him in the face in response.
  • Firos claims that he’s friends with the trees and also friends with Cyril. Erakos explains their party wants to speak with Cyril. Firos agrees to lead them to Cyrill’s hut.

Crossing the Crowfork River

  • Firos leads them to the safest place to cross the fast flowing quipper infested river.
  • Ander crosses first. He slips initialy but is able to recover and cross the dangerous waters with a rope just in case.
  • Many quippers are alerted to their presence in the river and are drawn to the crossing. The stone jumps no longer seem as safe as they had been previously. Firos mentions that his friend Old Mr. Oak might be able to help them across by forming a bridge.  They collect the old oak tree who falls into the water while trying to make a bridge for the party. Everyone helps lure the quippers away and thins their numbers by hitting them from the shore.
  • After everyone is across Firos and Erakos Heal Old Mr. Oak so that he  recovers the leaves that were stripped away by the rabid fish and the fast water.
  • Sometime during their travels Dierro slips away from them deciding to take his leave from the group.

Western Forest Trail

Cyrill’s Hut

  • Passing an Illusory bone wall they see a small clay hut with a thatched roof. They call out to Cyrill who welcomes them in through her snake skin veil door. The home is littered with magical artifacts and various potions. At the center of the room is culdron filled with an inky black stew.
  • Upon eating the stew Lugrub discovers that it’s probably bear and it’s also rather refreshing.
  • Travo wanted to ensure that regardless of what happens he would get gold This was the most important factor in this endeavor.
  • Lugrub eats many more bowls of the inky black bear stew. He also requests that Cyrill makes him a set of sweet rune engraved rocks. She tells him making them would take time.
  • Extos notices an interesting necklace with blood red gems adorning it. The necklace was identified as a necklace of fireballs. Cyrill tells him that if they “deal with the priest problem” she’d let him keep it.
  • Cyril tells Travo that there were probably useful things in a pit of hunter’s bodies behind her hut. Travo and some of the others recover some gold and a few spare weapons from the bodies of the failed hunters. They only encountered maybe one or so hands that had been animated by a discarded potion while doing so.

Western Forest Trail

  • After a quick break at Cyrill’s hut they are led back south to Torchbridge by Firos. Who parts ways in front of the chapel.


Inside the Chapel

  • Erakos marches up to the priest and grabs him by the scruff of his robes and leans over the pulpit.
  • The Priest brandishes his staff and calls the faithful to his aid.
  • The group defeats the peasants and puts the priest to sleep.

Notes on suspicious individuals,

Compiled by:

Corven, Professional Secret Broker


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